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Adding meals, funds, or Quad Core to a HuskyCard

You can add funds to your Huskycard by credit card, cash, or check. For students in residence halls, you can add Quad Core Fitness Memberships through MyMichiganTech with a credit card. Guests can use the payment portal.

Checking your HuskyCard balances, door access, or spending history

How to use CS Gold WebCard Center to check balances, door access, and spending history.

Getting a replacement HuskyCard

Where to go for information on your missing HuskyCard and whom to contact if you need help

Getting your first HuskyCard

HuskyCard information, including getting your first card, taking care of it, and what to do if you need a replacement

HuskyCard is not working

Common reasons your HuskyCard might not be working

HuskyCard photo

Information on HuskyCard photos, including submitting photos and requesting a copy of your HuskyCard photo on file.

Using a HuskyCard for door access

Door Access Information and Requests

Using a meal or special access card

Requesting and using a meal or special access card

Using Blue Key mobile readers

This guide is for the administration and usage of the two mobile readers that have been granted to Blue Key to use to check for Winter Carnival Activity waivers and to monitor attendance at these events.

Using CS Gold AdminWeb to manage access

How to add, remove access using CS Gold AdminWeb

Using Express Cash

Adding Express Cash to your HuskyCard, checking balances, getting withdrawals or refunds, adding money to Papercut for color printing

Using Top Dog meal plans

How to purchase and refund Top Dog Meal Plans