Husky-BW/Husky-Color printer locations

The table below lists where HuskyPrint stations are located on campus. Note: This does not include additional printers that may be in computer labs on campus.

On-campus HuskyPrint stations
Building Location Color B&W
AOB G004
ATDC 604  
Chemsci 100
Chemsci 717  
Daniell Heights 100  
Dillman 209  
Douglass Houghton Hall 130 (Lobby)  
Dow Lobby  
Dow 7N
EERC 318  
Fisher 1st Floor Hallway (near Fisher 130)
Fisher 331  
Forestry 145  
Forestry 146  
Hillside 119 (near mailboxes)  
Library 100B  
Library 117  
Library 200A
Library 300A  
Library G01A  
M&M U203
McNair Hall G001 (near mailboxes)  
MEEM 125
MEEM 707  
Meese 100  
MUB Commons  
SDC 200  
Wadsworth Hall Lobby (by ATM)  
Walker 120  
Walker 130  
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