Service Catalog

Categories (14)

Accounts and Access

Michigan Tech Account/Password. Access to specific systems. Card access to buildings and/or rooms on campus. HuskyCard Services.

HuskyCard Services

New or replacement HuskyCards, HuskyCard-related services (special cards, access issues), and meal card issues.

Computer Support

Support for all hardware- and software-related issues, including purchases, installations, support, recycling/disposal, and loaner requests


Get help with or report a printing issue, request to have a printer added, and order paper and toner.

Teaching and Learning

Support for instructional technology—presentation support, classroom tools, and resources that directly support teaching and learning


Support for wired network services and connecting to wireless networks or the residential network (Resnet)

Communicate and Collaborate

Email and Calendaring, Web Conferencing, Google Groups, Digital Signage, Telephones, Websites, Television, Emergency Notifications


Specialized storage and computation supporting research, and the Superior high-performance computing (HPC) environment.

Security and Compliance

Report suspicious email, compromised computers or accounts. Ask Michigan Tech IT a security or compliance related question.

Payment Processing Systems

Get help with payment processing on campus including Point of Sale Devices and TouchNet on-line stores.

Procurement and Asset Management

Purchase new computers, tablets, phones, or other IT equipment. Billing inquiries. Recycling of IT equipment.

Enterprise Application Services and Support

Administrative / Business systems and applications

Servers and Storage

Servers, Databases and Server Monitoring

Project and Service Management

Request a project or a service catalog change/addition.

Services (2)

Request for IT Help

For general requests for IT help.

IT Support Center Feedback

Submit feedback on your experiences with the knowledge base and the service catalog. Michigan Tech IT is always happy to hear from our customers.