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This service allows you to have your voicemail messages sent to your email address.

Request to have a printer added to your computer.

For help with Alumni and Advancement systems such as Banner Admin, CampusCALL, cVent, MyEMMA, MyMichiganTech, TouchNet and WebFOCUS

For help with Athletics systems such as Banner Admin, Card Services, University Tickets, WebFOCUS

Request audio/visual equipment and support for campus events.

For help with Auxiliary systems such as Banner Admin, Banner, Card Services, Confluence, E-Cater, EMS Scheduler, Fore! Reservations, Micros, Nutritionist Pro, Perceptive Content, Red Shelf, RT, Social Tables, WinPrism

Questions about a bill or charge you have received from Information Technology or our Telecommunications group.

Request a new cable TV connection.

For issues or questions with Michigan Tech provided cable TV service.

Request for International Travel with AT&T and Verizon.

Changes or additions to cellular services, including cellphones, MyFi Units, and cellular connected tablets.

Request this service when you need to change the names/numbers displayed on your office phone.

For room technology design requests, including upgrading equipment or adding new technology.

Before purchase, please review the hardware catalog and the common core software page.


Business Operations provides an inventory of computer workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, etc.