Popular Services

For general requests for IT help.

Use this request to purchase computers and accompanying computer accessories.

Equipment to be recycled must be reviewed by our Asset Management team.

A central shared location for data

Use this service to request software installations for graduate productivity computers that are beyond the standard productivity machine build. This service must be requested by the graduate student's staff or faculty advisor.

For all external purchase requests.

Use this service to request assistance resetting your Michigan Tech password.

All IT Contracts which includes software, maintenance agreements, licenses, etc.

Place a paper order for your department.

Request to have a printer added to your computer.

Use this service to request support for desktop software applications.

Report printer issues, e.g., print jobs that don't print, poor print quality, printer display issues, or access issues with printers.

Intended for equipment with a metal Michigan Tech property tag present.

Use this form to report a wired network issue.

Use this service to request a loaner laptop (and/or) cell phone to be used while traveling internationally.

Installing software not found in the Software Center.

Use this service to request assistance with computer problems.

Request building and room access.

Request a consult and assistance for your next Zoom virtual meeting.

Please use this service to request assistance related to connecting to the network in the residence halls.

Use this service to request a graduate student computer (productivity machine).

General credit card processing / TouchNet store setup/transaction questions or issues with Retail Plus, WinPrism, and Micros

Where it is not possible to provide fully accessible technology, an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) must be developed to document resources and processes for ensuring access to ICT products and services.

For help with Auxiliary systems such as Banner Admin, Banner, Card Services, Confluence, E-Cater, EMS Scheduler, Fore! Reservations, Micros, Nutritionist Pro, Perceptive Content, Red Shelf, RT, Social Tables, WinPrism

To request a new phone line.