Popular Services

All IT Contracts which includes software, maintenance agreements, licenses, etc.

For all external purchase requests.

Equipment to be recycled must be reviewed by our Asset Management team.

For general requests for IT help.

Intended for equipment with a metal Michigan Tech property tag present.

Before purchase, please review the hardware catalog and the common core software page.

Hardware: https://michigantechit.teamdynamix.com/TDClient...
Software: https://michigantechit.teamdynamix.com/TDClient...

Request a computer rebuild.

Changes or additions to cellular services, including cellphones, MyFi Units, and cellular connected tablets.

Place a paper order for your department.

Request a Multidrive M:\ share - a central data repository for course-specific files and folders

Use this service to request software installations for graduate productivity computers that are beyond the standard productivity machine build. This service must be requested by the graduate student's staff or faculty advisor.

Use this service to request assistance resetting your Michigan Tech password.

Use this service to request assistance with computer problems.

Use this service to request a graduate student computer (productivity machine).

Place an order for toner cartridges for your printer.

Access to ASPIRE, Banner, Banner Workflow, EMAS, iOffice/Sunapsis, Perceptive Content, Slate and WebFocus

Requesting a new badge, extending the end date of a badge, or reprint a badge.

For use when purchasing high-volume departmental printers. When replacing high-volume printers, the Plant and Properties Office must be contacted first (property-l@mtu.edu).

For help with Auxiliary systems such as Banner Admin, Banner, Card Services, Confluence, E-Cater, EMS Scheduler, Fore! Reservations, Micros, Nutritionist Pro, Perceptive Content, Red Shelf, RT, Social Tables, WinPrism

To be used when purchasing an Adobe Creative Cloud named user license. Adobe Options: https://servicedesk.mtu.edu/TDClient/1801/Porta...

The reallocation of expenditure form is to be used when a Department is reallocating expenditures from one Index or Account Code to another. This is occasionally necessary to correct bookkeeping or clerical errors in original charges.

For help with Ellucian ODS/EDW, Oracle Reports, QMenu, WebFOCUS

Installing software not found in the Software Center.

General credit card processing / TouchNet store setup/transaction questions or issues with Retail Plus, WinPrism, and Micros

For help with Student Information systems such as ALEKS, Campus Visit, Canvas, Clean Address, CollegiateLink, Confluence, CS Gold, Cumulus, EAB, Ellucian Banner Admin, Ellucian Banner Mobile, Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner Workflow, EMAS, EMAS Mobile, Event registration, EverFi, Footprints, Grade Wizard, Handshake, LocalList, MaxGalaxy, Mongoose, MyMichiganTech, Outdoor Adventure Programs Rental System, Perceptive Content, QMenu, Roompact, Safety First Alert, Sunapsis, Titanium, uAchieve