My Recently Visited Services

Request the modification of an existing digital signage layout or creation of a new layout.

Add additional content manager accounts to your digital sign.

Request presentation support for your next campus event—meetings, special presentations, or thesis defenses.

Use this request to purchase computers and accompanying computer accessories.

Request this service when you need to change the names/numbers displayed on your office phone.

For general requests for IT help.

Equipment to be recycled must be reviewed by our Asset Management team.

Changes or additions to cellular services, including cellphones, MyFi Units, and cellular connected tablets.

Call Director is a service provided upon request. It adds features such as playing additional messages, performing call transfers, sending pages or texts, etc., while handling calls that cannot be answered in-person.

This service is used when you need assistance retrieving missing data, files, and folders,

Moving cell phone service from the Michigan Tech government account to a personally managed account.

Request account access to the Touchnet service used to process credit card transactions.

Requesting software to be installed in Michigan Tech Labs

For help with Student Information systems such as ALEKS, Campus Visit, Canvas, Clean Address, CollegiateLink, Confluence, CS Gold, Cumulus, EAB, Ellucian Banner Admin, Ellucian Banner Mobile, Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner Workflow, EMAS, EMAS Mobile, Event registration, EverFi, Footprints, Grade Wizard, Handshake, LocalList, MaxGalaxy, Mongoose, MyMichiganTech, Outdoor Adventure Programs Rental System, Perceptive Content, QMenu, Roompact, Safety First Alert, Sunapsis, Titanium, uAchieve

Active HuskyCard holders experiencing an issue opening door(s) or gaining access using their HuskyCard can report the issue here.

Need to borrow a laptop for a Michigan Tech presentation? We can provide you with a loaner.

Intended for equipment with a metal Michigan Tech property tag present.

Submit your security questions and Michigan Tech IT will review and respond.

Request to set up a new TouchNet Store for credit card processing

There are occasions when departments use meal cards with access to the residential dining halls. Use this service to request a departmental card.

For help with Auxiliary systems such as Banner Admin, Banner, Card Services, Confluence, E-Cater, EMS Scheduler, Fore! Reservations, Micros, Nutritionist Pro, Perceptive Content, Red Shelf, RT, Social Tables, WinPrism

Questions about a bill or charge you have received from Information Technology or our Telecommunications group.

Submit feedback on your experiences with the knowledge base and the service catalog. Michigan Tech IT is always happy to hear from our customers.

For help with Transportation Services systems such as Ellucian Banner Admin, Fleet Commander, T2 Flex parking system

Use this service to request assistance resetting your Michigan Tech password.