Report HuskyCard or Door Reader Issue


HuskyCard is the official Michigan Tech ID card that is issued to all students, faculty, and staff. Your HuskyCard gives you access to campus buildings (residence halls, dining, labs, academic buildings) and parking lots, if applicable. You can also use your card like a debit card to purchase items at campus retailers that accept Michigan Tech Express Cash.

Available To

Current students, staff, or faculty with a HuskyCard


To report an issue with a card or door reader, choose the Request Service button.

For a door reader issue, please note the date and time, what the color of the light was before and after you tap your card, and what you were expecting to happen.

For other issues, please note the date and time you were using your card, what you were trying to do or expecting to happen, and other pertinent details.

If your card is physically damaged or lost, please visit the Technical Assistance Center in the 1st floor of the Library during regular business hours for a replacement.

Request Service


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Thu 6/6/19 11:59 AM
Tue 4/27/21 7:00 PM