Campus printing information - where to find printers on campus, how to use them, and instructions for connecting to campus printers.

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Departmental printers available

See a list of available departmental printers

Finishing options for HuskyPrint stations

Add finishing options such as staples or punched holes to your document when printing to a HuskyPrint station.

HuskyPrint PaperCut refund

Color Printing Refund Instructions

Printing from a HuskyPrint station

How to log in and print from a HuskyPrint station

Printing using special paper on the HuskyPrint stations

Instructions for how to print using special paper on the Husky-BW printers

Scanning and copying on a HuskyPrint station

Using the HuskyPrint Station to scan or copy

HuskyPrint locations

Where to find HuskyPrint Color and B&W stations on campus