Campus printing information - where to find printers on campus, how to use them, and instructions for connecting to campus printers.

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Adding a Printer to an On-domain Windows Computer

Adding a printer to a Windows on-domain computer

Adding Husky-BW/Husky-Color and Departmental Printers to a Mac

Instructions on adding Husky printers to your personal Mac computer

Adding Husky-BW/Husky-Color and Papercut to a Personal Off-Domain Linux Machine Using the Automated Script

Adding Husky printers via the automated script to an off-domain Linux machine

Adding Husky-BW/Husky-Color Printers and Papercut on an Off-Domain Linux Machine

Manually add husky bw/color printers on a off-domain linux machine.

Adding Husky-BW/Husky-Color Printers and Papercut to a Windows Off-Domain Computer

Instructions on adding HuskyPrint drivers and Papercut to an off-domain Windows computer using the Powershell script.

Adding Husky-BW/Husky-Color Printers and Papercut to an Off-Domain Mac Computer

How to install Husky BW and Husky Color printers with a script, including a link to the list of departmental printers.

Adding Printers to an Off-domain Windows Computer

Instructions on manually adding Husky printers to your personal Windows computer

Departmental Printers Available for Off-Domain Systems

See a list of available departmental printers

Husky-BW/Husky-Color Printers on Campus

Where to find HuskyPrint Color and B&W stations on campus

HuskyColor Printing Refund for PaperCut

Color Printing Refund Instructions

Printing from a Print Release Station

How to log in and print from a HuskyPrint station

Printing Using Special Paper on the HuskyPrint Stations

Instructions for how to print using special paper on the Husky-BW printers

Scanning and Copying on a HuskyPrint Station

Using the HuskyPrint Station to scan or copy

Using Google Cloud Print from your Chromebook, Android, or iOS Device

Google Cloud print lets you print to HuskyColor and HuskyBW printers from your iOS or Android device