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Store managers and fulfillers can fulfill orders for the store.
Store managers and fulfillers with refund/cancel rights can process full and partial refunds in TouchNet and information regarding the Return Policy Agreement.
Store managers can enable notifications when a purchase is made in your TouchNet store and set the From: email for TouchNet notifications in the Store Template Setup.
TouchNet notifies all TouchNet site administrators for posting or processing errors,
Store clerks and managers can create a form in a TouchNet store for a product or to the entire order to collect information using modifiers.
Store managers can assign roles to store members.
Store managers can change TouchNet store hero images.
Store managers and accountants can run a variety of reports to check your store activity.
You can search through TouchNet transactions to look for order information, dates, charges, and other details.
You can use the Forgot password? link to reset your TouchNet password.
You will need to request a new Detail Code from Michigan Tech Accounts Receivable, then update your TouchNet merchant and store.