Assigning store member roles

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Store managers can assign roles for their store members.


  1. Select Applications > Marketplace > Merchant name > Stores.
  2. Select your store > Store Settings > Users. It will display the current members of your store.
  3. Find the store member.
  4. Select Edit User.
  5. The Marketplace Roles section will display the Assigned Roles and the Available Roles.
  6. Select the checkbox(es) to either add or remove the role(s), such as Store Clerk, Fulfiller, Fulfiller with cancel/refund rights, and Store Accountant.
  7. Select Save.

Store user roles

Depending on your store member role, you can perform various functions. You can find instructions for using TouchNet in the TouchNet help articles category or refer to the TouchNet Marketplace User Guide in the Logging in and using TouchNet article.

Store Clerk

Add and edit products in their assigned store and move products among categories


Fulfill orders

Fulfiller with refund/cancel rights

Fulfill, refund, and cancel orders. For orders made with an ACH payment method, override the waiting period and proceed with fulfillment.

Store Accountant

View Marketplace financial reports for the store. Note: Accountants cannot make any changes to store site settings or assign user roles.

Store Manager

The Store Manager will need to contact IT to request the addition or removal of store members. Please include the name of the store as it is listed in Marketplace. Once IT adds the TouchNet member to the store, the Store Manager will assign roles to the store members. 

The Store Manager can also configure the store settings, as needed, including, but not limited to:

  • Add, edit, and move products
  • Fulfill, refund, and cancel orders
  • View Marketplace financial reports for the store
  • Manage general store settings
  • Bring stores online and take stores offline (and schedule status changes)
  • Configure text messages
  • Upload splash and side banner images
  • Configure shipping classes and rates
  • Configure store product categories
  • Configure an additional donation to be offered during checkout
  • Schedule status changes for products
  • Move products between categories
  • Configure payment methods that are allowed with user groups
  • Configure user modifiers


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