Logging into and using TouchNet

TouchNet URL: https://secure.touchnet.net/central

Logging in for the first time

  1. Bookmark the exact URL: https://secure.touchnet.net/centralYou will need to use this exact URL each time you log in to Touchnet. If you have trouble logging in, always go back and make sure you are using this URL.  It is easy to find yourself in an old URL that has expired session variables tied to it and you will have difficulty logging in.
  2. Log in with your username and password. Your username is C21042.youraccountname .  Example: C21042.blizzard
  3. Use the password that you are given to log in the first time. Call IT at 906-487-1111 during university business hours if you need an initial password.
  4. You will be prompted to reset your password. TouchNet will walk you through its very specific password requirements.
  5. You will be prompted to set up security codes.  These are very important because all password resets will be done through the “forgot password?” link on the home page going forward.

Using TouchNet

  1. Visit the exact URL: https://secure.touchnet.net/central
  2. Log in with c21042.youraccountname and your TouchNet password.
  3. Select the Applications link at the top, then choose Marketplace.
  4. In the left navigation, under Marketplace, the merchants to which you have access will display, with the stores located in a menu under them.  From here, you can access all of the functions within TouchNet for managing your store.
  5. Visit the TouchNet help article section for specific instructions.

Find your store

All published stores are located at Welcome to The Techshop

Store member user roles

The Store Manager will need to contact IT to request adding TouchNet members to their store. Please include the name of the store as it is listed in Marketplace. The Store Manager can then assign roles to the store members, once they are added, such as Store Clerk, Fulfiller, Fulfiller with cancel/refund rights, and Store Accounts. 

TouchNet User Guide

You can access the TouchNet Marketplace User Guide for detailed instructions.

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