Changing TouchNet store hero images

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Stores can have one hero image or a carousel with up to five images. Make all images the same size, for smoother transitions, and resolution of 1140x320 pixels (width x height). Make any picture you submit at minimum match the width of 1140 pixels. The template will always scale the image to be 1140 pixels wide while maintaining the source aspect ratio. For example, if you submit a picture that is 320x320, it will scale it up to 1140x1140.


  1. Log into TouchNet using the following link:
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace by selecting Applications > Marketplace in the top navigation bar.
    Marketplace link can be found under Applications in the top menu bar
  3. Select your store from the Stores Table. This example uses The Mineral Museum.
    Marketplace Operations Center where you choose your store from the table
  4. Select Store Template Setup on the left menu.
    store template setup option in left menu
  5. Select Edit under the Designer: Fixed Width panel.
    General layout tab where the hero block is located
  6. Select the Hero block on the General Layout Tab.
  7. Select if you want to use the Carousal feature or not. Select the down arrow to expand for additional options. Depending on how many images you select to show, you will see more or fewer store hero images panels.
  8. Select the store hero image you want to update/upload by selecting the down arrow.
    1. Select the Upload Image button to upload a new image, replacing the previous one, if it exists.
    2. Add alternative text to describe the image. This should describe the image for those who cannot view it due to accessibility issues. 
    3. Optional: Select via radio buttons whether to add a URL for an image link, or have the image link directly to a specific store category or product.
  9. Repeat Step 8 for every image that you want to change.
  10. Select Preview to view changes.
  11. When you are satisfied, close the new window and then select Save.
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