Fulfilling TouchNet Orders

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The Marketplace fulfillment process allows you to fulfill multiple orders at the same time (sometimes called batch fulfillment). You'll need to have access to Fulfill Orders. Contact one of the store managers to request access as needed.

Important!  We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to fulfill more than 20 orders at a time. The process of fulfilling large numbers of orders can take several minutes to complete. If the browser timeout limit is reached, the fulfillment page will not update properly.


  1. Navigate to Marketplace Home > Stores > [store name] > Fulfill Orders.
  2. The pending orders list opens.
  3. Locate the orders to fulfill.
  4. Select the corresponding checkboxes for each order that you would like to fulfill. 
  5. Select the Process Fulfillment button.
  6. Review the displayed order information.
  7. If the Accept Payment page opens, select the Accept Payment button to verify the charges. If you notice any incorrect order information on the Accept Payment page, see Cancelling an Order or Changing Order Quantity.
  8. Select the Print Packing List button, which launches a new browser window that contains packing lists for all the orders that you are fulfilling. When you send the document to your printer, each packing list will print on a separate page.
  9. Close the packing list window, and then select the Proceed to Step 3 button.
  10. Enter a tracking number (if applicable), and select the Proceed to Step 4 button.
  11. Select the Send Email button to send a shipment confirmation to each customer.

    Note: If you skip the steps for generating a packing slip or entering a tracking number, you can later search for each order being fulfilled and then print packing slips or enter tracking numbers.
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