Searching for TouchNet transactions

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You can search through transactions to look for order information, dates, charges, and other detail. To search for a transaction by name, date, last four of credit card, etc., use the following steps:

  1. Once logged in to TouchNet, on the main menu bar, select Applications > Marketplace.
  2. On the left navigation menu, select Marketplace Home > [the Marketplace location where your store will be located, such as Arts & Sciences] > Stores > [your location, such as Art Gallery] >
  3. Select Order Search. The main Order Search page opens.
    1. Enter search criteria in the appropriate field. The recommended search field is Order Date.
      Example: Order Date: From: 1/1/21 To: 12/31/21
    2. Select Run Search. The search results display.

Once you run a search, additional options may include:

  • Adjusting column order by clicking the ascending and descending sorting arrows.
  • Printing the visible page by clicking Print Page in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Exporting results to CSV by clicking Export to CSV.
  • Viewing more detail on specific items by selecting links.


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