Using the Michigan Tech Account Center (

Log in

  1. Log in to the Michigan Tech Account Center with your Michigan Tech account name password. To increase security, you will see a two-page sign-on sequence, much like Google's sign-on. 
  2. Accept the University Polices and Procedures agreement if this is the first time you are using the Account Center.

Set up account name recovery and password reset options

You can set up 24/7 account name recovery and password reset options in case you ever forget your password or account name. 

Using a mobile phone

You can enter your mobile phone to either recover your account name or reset your password. You can update it if your phone number changes.

  1. Select the My Profile tab.
  2. Enter your mobile phone in the Mobile Phone field and choose the Submit button.

If you do not have a mobile phone, you can set up secret questions to reset your password.

Using secret questions to reset your password

  1. Select the My Profile tab.
  2. Choose the Set Up Secret Questions tab.
  3. Select a question, type the answer, then re-type your answer. Repeat this for all five questions.
  4. Select Save.

Change your password

  1. You will see Create and confirm your new password under the My Accounts tab.
  2. Follow the password rules to create and confirm your new password. View our Password Security tips for a secure password.
  3. If your password is accepted, you will see, "You have successfully reset the password for the selected accounts/groups." Select OK to continue and reset your password. You can then exit out of the Michigan Tech Account Center.
  4. If your password does not meet the requirements, you will see the reason(s) for rejection, e.g., not enough characters, missing upper case letters, numbers, etc. 

Reset password, recover account name, or unlock account

If you have forgotten your password or account name, or if your account is locked, follow the instructions at Password and account recovery methods.

Change your login shell

  1. Select the My Profile tab.
  2. Select the shell in the NIS Shell drop-down menu.
  3. Select Submit.
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