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Michigan Tech IT provides graduate students with standard productivity computers upon request for their assigned graduate offices. These computers are limited in supply, are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, have a standard hardware configuration, and have a base software package installed. These computers are intended to support general productivity and academic work. 

What's included

Fully managed configuration

Available with either Windows or Red Hat Linux operating systems installed, the computer will be set up with a fully managed configuration. This means the computer is connected to the campus authentication servers from a university office location to have the most seamless experience to access Michigan Tech resources. Please visit Managed Devices at Michigan Tech for more details.

Campus Common CORE Software

Available with Windows or Red Hat Linux, the Campus Common CORE software is already installed.

AppsAnywhere (Windows)

Available with Windows, you can install the AppsAnywhere client using the Software Center campus software library without the need for administrative privileges.

Campus software library

Available with either Windows or Red Hat Linux, you can install additional selected Michigan Tech software using the Software Center campus software library (Windows) or using the Software campus software library (Red Hat Linux) without the need for administrative privileges.


Each station supplied by Michigan Tech IT will be equipped with:

  • One PC (i5, 8GB RAM)
  • Minimum of 500 GB hard disk, with only one partition for the operating system and applications
  • One keyboard
  • One mouse
  • One monitor
  • Necessary cables to power and operate the station

Requesting additional software

First, check the campus software library available on your Windows or Linux PC. If you have a WIndows PC, you can also install the AppsAnywhere client using the Software Center campus software library (Windows 10).

Then, if the software is not available:

  1. Contact your adviser and provide your computer name (ie., the software title, the version, and any download links.
  2. Your adviser will then need to submit a request for additional software on your behalf.
  3. IT will review the software and be in touch with your adviser.

Need more help?

To request a graduate productivity computer, please submit a graduate student computer request form. For additional questions regarding graduate student machines, please contact Michigan Tech IT by emailing or calling 906-487-1111.

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