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Michigan Tech uses Google Groups for email lists. Find out how to manage current groups, request a list, or find and join a current group.
Google Chat has replaced Google Hangouts. Learn about Chat's features and how to access any old messages in Hangouts.
Access Google's Getting Started with Google Drive and Getting Started with Team Drives guides
Access Google's Getting Started with Groups guide
Access Google's Getting Started with Google Sites guide
Access Google's Getting Started with Google Forms guide
Access Google's Getting Started with Google Slides guide
The tips and tools in this checklist can help prevent unauthorized access to your Gmail and secure your account if it was recently compromised.
Find out which apps are supported under our university agreement with Google.
Due to storage limits Google is making to Google Drive for education, alumni will lose access to google drive on January 1, 2023. This article answers questions related to the change, who is affected, and suggestions for moving files from Google Drive to other accounts or storage services.
Information about a pop-up window in Google Chrome regarding data and monitoring by the university. Learn more about this message, including clarification on Michigan Tech and your Chrome data and how you can prevent this message from appearing every time you log into your Michigan Tech Google account.
Learn how to back up and manage your Google data or move your files from one Google account to another.
Google has added the ability in the latest version of Chrome to have multiple separate profile windows. Learn how to customize your window to differentiate between multiple profiles.