Using Google Groups

Google Groups logoGoogle Groups is a web-based discussion group application integrated with Google Workspace for Education. Google Groups allows you to access your discussion group using a web browser from any computer or mobile device.

Begin by reviewing the Getting Started with Google Groups guide to learn how to perform basic tasks such as finding and joining groups, posting topics and responses, creating and managing groups, and collaborating with your team. 




Create a Google Group

Michigan Tech uses Google Groups for email lists. You can use the instructions at Requesting an email list to either create a Google Group for departmental use or for creating a class list.

The Create a Google Group form is like the Google interface but with more control over privacy. Upon creation, Google Group's default status is private and only accessible to group members. You can then manage group settings using the Group's web page. To request a list for a class section, complete the Class List Request Form for Instructors to specify list name and what course section should be included.

Managing a Google Group

Most Google Groups are created and managed by individuals, organizations, or departments Use the instructions at Managing Google Groups at Michigan Tech on how to manage your individual, organizational, or departmental Google Group. Automated class lists are different in that the class list members are updated nightly; however, the primary instructor can also add a TA or another instructor by using the instructions at Managing Google Groups at Michigan Tech o

Leave a Google Group

You can visit Google's help article on how to leave a group or unsubscribe from email.


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