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Instructions for installing and running the VPN client on a computer running macOS or iOS
All Mac computers on our network must have a minimum operating system of High Sierra (10.13.6). Find out how to check your operating system version and if necessary, how to upgrade.
This article explains the options for connecting to a Mac from a Windows computer, for the purposes of screen sharing.
Help for students to setup a Windows VM on a personal Mac computer to install Windows software
How to add input sources for typing in alternative languages and how to switch between multiple input sources.
Remove existing wireless network on OSX
How to open an application from an unknown developer
How to use Papercut on a minimally managed or personal Mac device.
Instructions for connecting to Multidrive on a minimally managed or personal Mac device
Use Tech Apps to help install software and printers on a university-owned Mac
How to install HuskyPrint stations with an automated script on a minimally managed or personal Mac device.
How to download and install eduroam on a Mac laptop
How to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a remote Windows device
Instructions for remotely connecting to a Linux computer
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