Removing an Existing Wireless Network Profile in Mac OS

  1. Select the Wi-Fi icon on the top menu bar, and then select Open Network Preferences.
    Click on wifi icon and open network preferences
  2. When the Network Preferences screen appears, select the eduroam Wi-Fi network, and then select Advanced.
    Advanced Tab
  3. Under the Wi-Fi tab, select the network which you want to remove and select the minus button “-”. Then select OK.
    select the minus button for the network you wish to remove
  4. Back in the Network settings, select the network you want to reconnect (eduroam) by double-clicking the network.
    Select the Network
  5. The Authentication pop-up will appear and requests your WPA2 enterprise credentials. Type in your Michigan Tech Account Name and password and select OK.
    Enter your Michigan Tech username and password
  6. If you see the pop-up window: Authenticating to network "eduroam", select Continue. If you don’t see this pop-up, continue to next step.
    Select Continue
  7. If you see the pop-up window: You are making changes…, type your MAC laptop account name and password and select Update Settings. If you don’t see this pop-up, continue to the next step.
    Update Settings
  8. You should now see eduroam connected in your network preferences.
    MichiganTech connected in your network preferences
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