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Connecting to wireless

How to configure your device to connect to the wireless at Michigan Tech

eduroam Overview

eduroam allows any user from an eduroam participating site to get network access at any institution connected to eduroam

Forget a WiFi Network (Android)

This article will show you how to remove a wireless network from an Android device

Forget a Wi-Fi Network Profile (Windows 10)

Have you connected to wi-fi networks in the past that you'll never use again? Here's how to remove them from Windows 10

Guest Network Connection with older iPhones (iOS)

Instructions for troubleshooting connections to the guest network with older iPhones

Installing eduroam (Android)

Instructions for downloading and installing the eduroam configuration tool, including manual configurations settings.

Installing eduroam on a laptop (Mac)

How to download and install eduroam on a Mac laptop

Installing eduroam on a laptop or tablet (Windows)

How to download and install eduroam on a Windows laptop or tablet

Installing eduroam on an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

How to download and install eduroam on an Apple iPhone or iPad

Registering a device with ClearPass

Registering a wired or wireless device on MichiganTechOpen.

Removing a wireless network on an iPad or iPhone (iOS)

Forgetting a wireless network on iOS devices

Removing an existing wireless network profile (Mac)

Remove existing wireless network on OSX