Installing eduroam on an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Eduroam shows up on your computers and devices as the wireless SSID “eduroam” when you are within the wireless range of our campus. Eduroam must be an available wireless network to complete the installation.
  1. Open Safari and go to the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool web page. Select your language, country, and institution. The page will automatically select the right installer. Click the blue button to indicate you have an account with Michigan Tech.
      Installer page
  2. Select the Download Installer button.
      Download Page
  3. Select Allow when prompted that the website is trying to open Settings.
      allow install in settings
  4. Select Install on the Install Profile page and enter your device passcode if prompted.
      Install eduroam
  5. Select Install at the Wi-Fi proxy warning, and choose Install when prompted again.
      iOS CAT install screen
  6. Enter your Michigan Tech username (note that the is required) and password. 
     Enter your Michigan Tech username and password, including the with your username     
  7. Select Done on the Profile Installed screen. In your WiFi settings. You will now be able to join the eduroam SSID.
     eduroam cat click done
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