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Michigan Tech is a member of eduroam, a wireless network that lets active faculty, staff, students, alumni, and former employees (including Emeritus) securely connect to the Internet when they travel to other eduroam partner schools. Eduroam shows up on your computers and devices as the wireless SSID “eduroam” when you are within the wireless range of campus. Your Michigan Tech account name and password are used to connect to the network. Likewise, visitors from participating schools can log on to the eduroam network at Michigan Tech with their school credentials.

You can find a list of participating schools on the eduroam web site. If you’re planning to travel to one of these schools, you can set up your laptop, tablet, or mobile device here on campus. Directions are below, but if you need help, you can also always call us at 906-487-1111 or email

Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve tried connecting my device to eduroam on campus following your directions but am having issues.
A. Please give IT Help a call at 906-487-1111
Q. Who do I call if I’m at another institution and have trouble with eduroam?
A. You always call back to Michigan Tech for support even if you’re out of the country at another institution. You can reach us during normal operating hours at 906-487-1111.
Q. I have a guest on campus who is having trouble with eduroam —whom should they call?
A. Your guest should contact the IT Support organization at their institution.
Q. Which institutions are participants?
A. Please refer to eduroam's list of currently participating institutions.
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