Connecting a device to Resnet

What is Resnet?

Resnet is the residential network used in the Michigan Tech residence halls and apartments. You will need to pre-register wired devices in ClearPass that use the wired connection in your room before you connect them to the active port.

Registering your device with ClearPass

Wired Resnet, and some wireless devices other than your phone, tablet, or laptop, will need to be registered and connected through ClearPass. Michigan Tech IT uses ClearPass network access control (NAC) to help keep track of who owns a device on the network, so we can alert the owner of an infected machine or copyright infringement notices.

When you are on-campus, use a device that is already connected to the network, such as your phone or laptop connected to wireless, to complete the registration process.  Please visit Registering a Device with ClearPass for instructions.

Using the wired Resnet connection in your room

Each room contains one active network jack, indicated with a circle sticker. If there are multiple stickers, the yellow sticker should be the active jack.  If you need to connect more than one wired network device, you will need a network switch.
Sticker to indicate active jack in room

You will need to pre-register the Ethernet physical address/MAC of your device before plugging it in to any Resnet wired connection. We recommend to pre-register the device, turn off the device, wait 10 minutes, then plug the network cable in to the port.

Using wireless networks


Wireless computers, tablets, and phones should use the eduroam network. Log in with your Michigan Tech email and password.


This network is for devices that must speak to each other over the Internet. These devices will need to be registered and have Airgroup enabled. Connect streaming and smart devices to MichiganTechIOT. You'll need to register the devices in ClearPass and enable Airgroup, which allows devices to communicate with each other over our networks. 

IOT devices are on a shared network. Devices will need to be named with an appropriate and unique name. We cannot guarantee all IOT devices will work on MichiganTechIOT, but we will do our best to help you get your device connected.

Streaming or smart devices: Google Home, Alexa, smart bulbs, etc.

Set-up device: This is typically your phone, which has an app to help set up your streaming or smart device.

  1. Ensure MAC randomization has been turned off for any device. Instructions: Turn Private Address off for a network (iOS) or MAC Randomization Behavior (Android).
  2. Register your smart/streaming device in ClearPass. Make sure to enable Airgroup in the settings. Instructions: Register a device with ClearPass
  3. Register your set-up device in ClearPass. Make sure to enable Airgroup in the settings.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes for the ClearPass registration to process.
  5. Forget any Michigan Tech network on both of your devices, then restart both devices.
  6. Temporarily connect the set-up device to MichiganTechIOT. The password for this Wireless SSID is: michigantechiot
  7. Use the set-up device to connect your smart/streaming device to MichiganTechIOT.
  8. Forget the MichiganTechIOT network on your set-up device, restart, then connect to eduroam.


Other wireless devices (e.g. TVs, gaming consoles) will need to be registered and connected to MichiganTechOpen.


MichiganTechGuest is for guests, such as parents or community members.

If you are a Michigan Tech student or employee, you should not be connecting to MichiganTechGuest. If you have connected to MichiganTechGuest, you will need to forget/remove all Michigan Tech wireless networks from your list, then restart your device to reconnect to a Michigan Tech network for students, staff, and faculty.

Which network should I use?

Refer to the table below as a reference for which device belongs on which network.

Wireless network for each device type
Device Type Wireless Network
Casting Devices/Streaming Devices (Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, etc.) MichiganTechIOT
Smart Devices (TVs, Google Homes, Alexas, Network Controlled Lighting, etc.) MichiganTechIOT
Wireless printer MichiganTechIOT
RaspberryPI MichiganTechOpen
Consoles (Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Blu-ray Players, etc.) MichiganTechOpen
Mobile Devices (phones, tablets, etc.) eduroam
Wireless desktop/laptop (Mac, Linux, Windows) eduroam

Personal wireless routers

You may not operate any equipment that broadcasts a wireless signal as this will interfere with Michigan Tech wireless networks.  You may use a router that includes a wireless antenna, as long as the wireless functionality is disabled.

Getting help with Resnet

If you're having issues with device connectivity, please submit a request for Resnet troubleshooting.

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