Resnet Quick Guide for New Students

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Choosing the right wireless network for my device

Computers and mobile devices (wireless)

Connect to the eduroam network.

Consoles (wireless)

Connect to MichiganTechOpen. You must pre-register the device in Clearpass.

IOT Devices

Streaming and smart devices: connect to MichiganTechIOT. The password for this Wireless SSID is: michigantechiot.

Ensure MAC randomization has been turned OFF for any device used on MichiganTechIOT or MichiganTechOpen. For example: Turn Private Address off for a network (iOS) or MAC Randomization Behavior (Android)

You must register the streaming/smart device and the device that is setting it up in Clearpass and enable Airgroup on both. Airgroup allows devices to communicate with each other over our networks. After setting up the device, please remove the device setting it up from MichiganTechIOT.

IOT devices are on a shared network. Devices will need to be named with an appropriate and unique name.

We cannot guarantee all IOT devices will work on MichiganTechIOT, but we will do our best to help you get your device connected.

More information is at: Connecting a Device to Resnet

‚ÄčParents and Guests

MichiganTechGuest is for guests, such as parents or community members.

If you are a Michigan Tech student, you should not be connecting to MichiganTechGuest. If you have connected to MichiganTechGuest, you will need to forget/remove all Michigan Tech wireless networks from your list, then restart your device to reconnect to the appropriate Michigan Tech network.

Ethernet ports in rooms

Each room in the residential halls has one active ethernet port. Please look for the ethernet jack marked with a sticker. We do not change which port is the active one, nor do we add more. For more information please read: Connecting a device to Reset.

Any switches you use must be unmanaged. There are a limited number of ethernet switches available at the residential hall front desks, available on a first come, first served basis.

If you use a router, disable its wireless signal output.

Spectrum U

You do not have access in your room to SpectrumU in DHH, McNair, or Wads. The TVs in the kitchenettes do have access to SpectrumU.


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