Registering a device with ClearPass

Devices that need to be registered in ClearPass


All wired Resnet or Rovernet devices must be pre-registered before connecting to the port, no matter the device type.


Wireless devices such as Smart TV's, gaming consoles  (XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.), wireless printers, and devices that are not running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, that may not understand advanced network authentication, need to be pre-registered before connecting them to the MichiganTechOpen network. Any devices you'd like to use to connect with them must also be registered in ClearPass and connected to MichiganTechOpen.

Please note, that if you are connecting your phone, tablet, or computer to eduroam, you do not need to pre-register the device.

  • Alexa
  • Amazon FireTV
  • AppleTV
  • Bluray player
  • Google Chromecast
  • Network-controlled lighting
  • Playstation
  • RaspberryPi
  • Roku box
  • SmartTV
  • Wii/WiiU
  • Wired Resnet or Rovernet connection 
  • Wireless printer
  • XBox
  • Other devices that are not running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, that may not understand advanced network authentication
  • Devices that you'd like to use to connect to another registered device, such as a phone to a Google Home or a laptop to a wireless printer


Do not plug in any cables to a wired Resnet connection until told to do so in the instructions.
  1. Log in to ClearPass with your Michigan Tech account name and password from another device that already has Internet access, not the one you are registering in ClearPass.
  2. Select Create Device.
  3. Enter the information for your device
    • Device Name: Create a friendly or appropriate name for your device
    • Device Type: Select the type of device you are using
    • MAC Address: Enter the MAC address of your device (Ethernet (wired) or wireless physical address found in your device's network settings). Visit Find your IP or MAC address for further instructions.
    • AirGroup
      • Enable AirGroup: If you need to communicate with another device on the MichiganTechOpen network (such as a Chromecast), enable AirGroup for all of the devices that you want to communicate.
      • Shared With: By default, sharing is disabled. You have the option of sharing your device with others by adding their Michigan Tech account names. Separate multiple account names with commas.
  4. Select Create Device
  5. Connect your device
    • Wireless:  Connect to MichiganTechOpen network.
      • If it's a TV or gaming console, turn off the device for at least five minutes before connecting.
    • Wired:
      1. Turn off your device.
      2. Wait 10 minutes.
      3. Plug the cable in to the port with the yellow circle sticker.
      4. Turn on your device.

Special instructions for certain devices

Smart TVs and gaming consoles

After the registration process, leave your device fully powered off for at least 5 minutes before attempting to reconnect your device to the MichiganTechOpen wireless network. These devices have a tendency to not want to disconnect and reconnect to the network once registered and require a quick "time out."

Google Chromecast

You need to register both the Chromecast, and the device you are using to set up the Chromecast, to the ClearPass registration site and Enable AirGroup for both. Note that any devices you'd like to connect to the Chromecast will also need to be registered and connected to MichiganTechOpen.

You will also need to contact IT to complete the initial setup. Include the device descriptions and MAC addresses of the Chromecast and the devices you'd like to connect. 

Google Home

Many Google Home devices on campus currently have a firmware version that does not allow them to connect to an open WiFi network. Google has released a firmware update that fixes this connection to open WiFi networks. Please visit our Google Home article for further instructions.

Virtual Assistants (e.g. Echo, Alexa)

You will need to register any devices that you would like to connect to your virtual assistant, connect them to MichiganTechOpen, and Enable AirGroup. If you have already connected to another Michigan Tech wireless network, you will need to disconnect, forget/remove any other Michigan Tech wireless networks, then restart and connect to MichiganTechOpen.

You will also need to contact IT to complete the initial setup. Include the device descriptions and MAC addresses of the virtual assistant and the devices you'd like to connect. 

Wireless printers

Register and connect both your wireless printer and your computer to MichiganTechOpen.

Getting help with Resnet

Resnet is the residential network for the Michigan Tech residence halls and apartments. Please contact from your Michigan Tech email with the following information:

  • Building and room number. If apartment, note if bedroom or living area.
  • Device type (e.g. Windows laptop, Mac, XBox, Google Home, Chromecast, etc.)
  • Ethernet or wireless physical address/MAC of the device
  • Connecting to wired or wireless
  • Description of issue and any specific errors 
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