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Unlocking or deleting a keyring (credentials store) in Linux
Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut via the automated script.
Instructions for restoring files on a fully managed Red-Hat Linux computer
Linux users have a user scratch space system available on all RHEL7 Linux Lab and faculty/staff/graduate student machines.
Manually add HuskyPrint, Papercut, and certain networked printers on a minimally managed or personal Linux device.
Steps for joining the fully managed Linux information mailing list; it includes information on new changes to fully managed Linux systems, important reminders, new Support Center articles relating to Linux on campus, and more.
Instructions for remotely connecting to a Linux computer
How to use the Papercut Client on a minimally managed or personal device.
You can install and use Xpra on your Linux, Windows, or Mac device to run graphical applications through an SSH connection to a remote Linux computer.
Using X Forwarding to run graphical programs on a remote Linux machine through an SSH connection.
How to remotely connect to a campus Windows PC from a computer running Linux
This article explains how to connect to your Multidrive from a computer running Linux.
How to browse all files graphically on a Linux system.
How to mount an M: multidrive share using SSHFSs on a Linux device
Instructions for connecting to M: multidrive on a fully managed Linux machine (command line)