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Linux users have a user scratch space system available on all Linux Lab and faculty/staff/graduate student machines.
How to remotely connect to a campus Windows PC from a computer running Linux
Unlocking or deleting a keyring (credentials store) in Linux
This article explains how to connect to your Multidrive from a computer running Linux.
Instructions for installing software on Red Hat Linux 9
How to use the Papercut Client on a minimally managed or personal device.
How to browse all files graphically on a Linux system.
Using X Forwarding to run graphical programs on a remote Linux machine through an SSH connection.
Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut via the automated script.
Instructions for restoring files on a fully managed Red-Hat Linux computer
How to mount an M: multidrive share using SSHFSs on a Linux device
Instructions for remotely connecting to a Linux computer
Manually add HuskyPrint, Papercut, and certain networked printers on a minimally managed or personal Linux device.
Steps for joining the fully managed Linux information mailing list; it includes information on new changes to fully managed Linux systems, important reminders, new Support Center articles relating to Linux on campus, and more.
You can install and use Xpra on your Linux, Windows, or Mac device to run graphical applications through an SSH connection to a remote Linux computer.