Temporary scratch space (Linux)

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Michigan Tech IT has implemented a user scratch space system on all RHEL7 Linux Lab and faculty/staff/graduate student machines. When a user logs in, the system creates a local directory on the machine that is specific to the user.

Please note:

  • The system is meant for temporary storage only.  
  • Do not fill up the disk.  
  • If the disk gets close to full, scratch files will get deleted based on age, starting with the oldest files first.  
  • The MAXIMUM time any files will exist in the scratch space is 30 days.  

To use the temporary scratch space system:

  1. Log into any Linux Lab machine.
  2. Navigate to /scratch_30_day_tmp/USER_ID where USER_ID is your Michigan Tech  username.
  3. Use the directory for TEMPORARY storage.

Remember that any files in the scratch directory are ONLY stored on the local computer and will not be backed-up.  If the local machine has a hardware failure or is rebuilt, the scratch data will be unrecoverable.


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