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Browsing all files graphically on Linux

How to browse all files graphically on a Linux system.

Changing Java versions in Linux

How to change Java versions in Linux

Installing Software on Red Hat Linux 7

Instructions for installing software on Red Hat Linux 7

Installing, uninstalling, or upgrading Python modules in Linux using Pip

Instructions for Installing\Uninstalling\Upgrading Python Modules in Linux using Pip

Joining the on-domain Linux information mailing list

Steps for joining the on-domain Linux information mailing list; it includes information on new changes to on-domain Linux systems, important reminders, new Support Center articles relating to Linux on campus, and more.

Linux lab software list

Instructions on how to fill out the Linux Lab software list sheet

Linux Software Collections (scl)

Using a tool called Linux Software Collections (scl) creates a number of alternative binary paths and aliases and can make an otherwise conflicting set of tools work transparently

Running Graphical Linux Programs Remotely (X Forwarding)

Using X Forwarding to run graphical programs on a remote Linux machine through an SSH connection.

Temporary scratch space on a Linux machine

Linux users have a user scratch space system available on all RHEL7 Linux Lab and faculty/staff/graduate student machines.

Verifying an SSH key fingerprint

For Linux users, an SSH key fingerprint is a way for you to verify that the computer you're connecting to is really the one you expect