Adding content to digital signage (Reach)

Uploading Assets to Reach

  1. Log in to Reach (Log in instructions).
  2. Choose Media Library from the left hand pane.
  3. Click on Add Assets.
  4. Choose Upload Files.
    select upload files from the add assets dropdown menu
  5. Drag and drop local files from your PC into the noted area or click on the Upload Files area to browse your computer.
    upload file window
  6. Click OK once the uploads are complete.

Adding Assets to a Playlist (formerly Announcements)

  1. Choose Playlists from the left hand pane.
  2. Check the box next to the playlist or playlists to which you want to add content.
  3. Click the Add Content button.
    select media to add to playlist
  4. Check the box next to any content to be added to the playlist.
  5. If multiple types of content (images, videos, etc) have been loaded previously, use the appropriate option under the Media Picker to filter the selectable media (previously selected media will be unselected when using the Media Picker).
    select media assets for upload
  6. Click OK once all media to add has been selected

Note that choices made in the following steps will be applied to all media selected in step 4.

  1. Choose a Start Date (the default value is the current date).
  2. Either set an end date or enable “No End Date” (one of these options must be set).
  3. Enable Run All Day to have the content run 24/7 until the end date (or until manually removed if No End Date was selected) OR choose a start and end time for the content.
  4. Enabling Full Screen will show the content exclusively (all other elements of the layout will be hidden).
  5. If Active is enabled, the content will begin to be displayed on the scheduled date and the scheduled time; disabling Active will cause the content to be hidden, regardless of other scheduling choices made in previous steps.
  6. Set the amount of time for the selected content to be displayed in the Content Duration fields.
  7. Choose which days of the week to display the content. By default, all days are selected.
    publish settings

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