Linux lab software list


You can view the Linux Lab Software List sheet. This spreadsheet is designed to function as an up to date list of all requested software installed in the fully managed Linux computer labs, a list of which may be found here.

This list includes courses that use the software and contact info for anyone who needs to be communicated with regarding updating, licensing, or otherwise changing the particular piece of software on the Linux lab computers.

We need your help to maintain and fully understand the software list.  Please visit the link to the list, it will take you to a Google Doc that you will have access to edit.

Help us by filling in any missing bits of information or adding your name to the contact list for software you teach with and need to be consulted about changes to.

How to fill out the Linux Lab Software List


This column should be filled with contact info (ISO usernames) for everyone who would be affected by changes made to this software.  This could range from one professor to entire departments. In the case of departments, please provide a primary point of contact.

Required for which course?

This range should be filled with the specific course subject ID and number for the courses that use the software.

Requesting New or Updated Software

For more information on requesting software please reference the “Requesting Lab Software” knowledge base article.
Once the software is ready to be installed in the labs the software list will be updated.
Please note that software should be requested one semester before it needs to be used for instruction.
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