Requesting lab software

Request Guidelines

Software requests are due at the beginning of the prior semester of when you need them, e.g., Software requests for the Spring semester, which starts in January, are due at the beginning of the Fall semester, in August. This is to allow for adequate time to complete the entire process, which includes software review, licensing verification, packaging, and documentation.

Requesters will be contacted and are required to test the software during the packaging and distribution process. Current software packages in the labs will be updated to the most current version. Campus lab software usage is reviewed annually; unused software may be discontinued.

Upcoming Request Deadlines

Fall 2023: May 8, 2023
Spring 2024:  Aug 28, 2023
Summer 2024: Jan 8, 2024
Fall 2024: May 6, 2024

Submit a Request

Please submit your software request via the Lab Software Service Request Form.

Other Questions

What if I use an older version of a software?
Typically, we ask that you make plans to use the most recent versions due to compatibility, stability and performance concerns running older software.  If you have a special need, please contact us to discuss further.
Do I need to request the same software annually?
No. In most cases, software will be carried forward.
Am I or my department responsible for ongoing cost to maintain requested software?
Yes. Departments are responsible for any cost associated with software they purchase.
What software versions can be supported by Michigan Tech IT?
IT will support the most current versions of software installed in the campus computer labs. If support for paid software is not renewed by the department or the product is no longer maintained or supported by the manufacturer, it will be removed from the labs.
What if I submit the software request late?
These requests will still be processed. However, be aware that there may be issues with guaranteeing that the software will be in place prior to the intended semester.


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