Connecting to M: multidrive using the command line (Linux)

To perform these steps, you will need root access on your machine.

VPN connection required

The following steps require you to first make a connection to the campus VPN. (VPN instructions for Linux). Your Multidrive will only function while connected to the Internet with a working secure VPN connection.  If you disconnect from the Internet or wake your device from sleep, you will likely have to reconnect the VPN first before being able to access the Multidrive.

If you have problems with these instructions or need additional help, please contact IT at or call 906-487-1111.


  1. Once you are connected to the VPN, open a terminal. Navigate to the desired location. For example, we are using ~/Documents.
  2. cd ~/Documents
  3. Create a dedicated folder for mounting the Multidrive:
    mkdir multidrive
  4. Execute the command:
    sudo mount -t cifs -o
    // ./multidrive

    Note: $USER is an environment variable that holds the local username. If it differs from your Michigan Tech account, you will need to use that instead.
  5. Enter your local sudo password:
    [sudo] password for username: local sudo password
  6. Enter your Michigan Tech account password:
    Password for username@// Michigan Tech account password
  7. The Multidrive should now be mounted and will contain your file shares. You can verify this will the command:
    df | grep multidrive
  8. This should result in output similar to:
    // ##G ##G ##G ##%


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