Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut to a personal or off-domain Linux machine using the automated script

Papercut is required.
Note: Papercut is particular about the Java version it needs. Our testing concluded that it needs Java version 1.8.0_181+ in order to work properly on Fedora/RHEL/Centos systems; your experience may vary.

Caution: Do not use Java 9 or 10 with Papercut, it will not work properly with those Java versions. If you want to add the husky-bw and husky-color printers to cups you’ll also need admin privileges.
A VPN connection may be required. The website to download the printer software at is only available through an on-domain network connection or the VPN. For more information about connecting to the VPN in Linux, please see the article here: Connecting to VPN in Linux
Michigan Tech VPN -

Automated Installer Instructions

  1. Download mtu-linux-printing.tar.bz2
    • Alternatively you can use the command here for downloading via the terminal. 
      $ wget
  2. Extract the tarball in the desired directory: 
    $ tar -xvjf mtu-linux-printing.tar.bz2
    • Note: You can edit the Papercut install directory within the bash script if desired:
      $ vi
  3. Run the script. Use sudo since there are lpadmin and systemctl commands in the script:
    $ sudo bash 
    • After running the script papercut will be in the directory specified within the script. The script default location is:
  4. To run Papercut, use the command:
     $ sh ~/printing/papercut/

Papercut Configuration

You can edit Papercut configurations, such as remembering your username when you launch the application, this is located in: 

Other Considerations

Papercut program will require re-authorization when Gnome sleeps (not lock), computer shuts down, or user session logs out. Otherwise, it will remember the timeout you’ve specified from the first print job.

Manually Add husky-bw and husky-color

You can manually add the printers as well.The ppds for the husky-bw and husky-color printers are already provided from the automated installer.

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