Adding networked printers (Windows)

You can add networked printers on your fully managed Windows device ( from the Start Menu. If you have a minimally managed or personal device, visit Managed Devices at Michigan Tech for more details.

If you know the name of the printer

If you are already sure of the printer queue name you wish to add, doing the following will save you time:

  1. Select the Start Menu or Windows key.
  2. Enter \\\name-of-printer, then press Enter. For example, if the printer name is admin-123-copier-color, you would enter \\\admin-123-copier-colorYou can also enter \\\admin, then press enter to list the available printers starting with admin.
  3. The driver installation process will begin, then the printer queue window will appear to let you know it is finishedprinter queue window
  4. Repeat for additional printers.

If you don't know the name of the printer

  1. Select the Magnifying glass icon left the bottom of screen
  2. Enter \\, then press Enter.
    Look up icon on bottom navigation panelType here for search
  3. A File Explorer window will open with a list of campus networked printers.
  4. Scroll through the selected printers and find the one you wish to add.
    List of available printers
  5. Double-click on the printer icon you'd like to add. This will start the driver installation process. 
  6. When the installation windows disappear, you will see the queue window.
  7. Repeat for any additional printers.
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