Installing HuskyPrint and Papercut (Mac - minimally managed or personal)

You can use an automated installer to use the HuskyPrint stations on minimally managed or personal devices. If you have a fully managed device, you will already have the HuskyPrint stations installed and do not need to install HuskyPrint or Papercut. Visit Managed Devices at Michigan Tech for more details.

Papercut requirement

If you have a minimally managed or personal device, the Papercut Client is required. You need to install HuskyPrint and Papercut.

Please disconnect from the VPN before you print, as it will prevent the Papercut client from prompting for credentials. You can reconnect when you are done printing.

You can view your transaction history, recent print jobs, and jobs pending release by logging into PaperCut with your Michigan Tech account name and password.

If you are off-campus and connected to the same home network as another Michigan Tech student, staff, or faculty, you will need to sign out after you are done with your print job before the next person prints. 


Unidentified developer warning

Please note before installing: When opening the installation package file, you may get a warning similar to the one below; this occurs if you try to open this file by double-clicking the .pkg file in Finder or directly from Firefox or Chrome.

To bypass the warning: right-click or cmd-click the file in Finder and then choose Open. Another window will pop up saying "Are you sure you want to run this file?" Choose Yes.

For more information, you can also refer to our support article on Opening an application from an unidentified developer on your Mac


  1. Download HuskyPrint-Mac.pkg.
  2. Locate the package from the downloaded location; this is typically the Downloads folder.
  3. Open the downloaded package file (refer to the section above on unidentified developer warnings) and select Continue.
  4. Choose the install location (usually Macintosh HD) and select Continue.
  5. Select Install and enter an Administrator login (on university-owned devices this will be your -adm login).
  6. Wait for the install to finish and select Close.
  7. Search for and launch the Papercut client.
  8. The printers are installed and ready to use.
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