Adding HuskyPrint and Papercut to an off-domain Mac computer

Papercut is required.
Please disconnect from the VPN before you print, as it will prevent the Papercut client from prompting for credentials. You can reconnect when you are done printing.

You can view your transaction history, recent print jobs, and jobs pending release by logging into PaperCut with your Michigan Tech account name and password.

  1. Download Papercut-Xerox-HuskyPrint-Combo.pkg. The package will install the following:
    • Papercut client
    • Xerox printer drivers
    • Husky-BW and Husky-Color printers
  2. Install the package from the downloaded location (usually the Downloads folder). Select the downloaded package file, choose Open, and select Continue.
    Papercut installer
  3. Choose the install location (usually Macintosh HD) and select Continue.
    Install location selection
  4. Select Install and enter an Administrator login (on university-owned devices this will be your -adm login).
    Select Install
    Enter credentials
  5. Wait for the install to finish and select Close.
    Installation is successful
  6. When printing, make sure to have the Papercut client ( open. You can find the PCClient application in Go --> Applications.
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