Installing HuskyPrint and Papercut (Windows - minimally managed or personal)

You can use an automated installer to use the HuskyPrint stations on minimally managed or personal devices. If you have a fully managed device, visit Managed Devices at Michigan Tech for more details.

Papercut requirement

If you have a minimally managed or personal device, the Papercut Client is required. You need to install HuskyPrint and Papercut.

Please disconnect from the VPN before you print, as it will prevent the Papercut client from prompting for credentials. You can reconnect when you are done printing.

You can view your transaction history, recent print jobs, and jobs pending release by logging into PaperCut with your Michigan Tech account name and password.

If you are off-campus and connected to the same home network as another Michigan Tech student, staff, or faculty, you will need to sign out after you are done with your print job before the next person prints. 



  1. SaveSaveUpgrade to or confirm that you have the latest PowerShell version.
  2. Download
  3. Open File Explorer and browse to your Downloads folder. 
  4. Find and right-click the PrinterSetup ZIP file, then select Extract All.
    Note: If you have problems extracting and running the program from the Downloads folder, you can create a folder called "Temp" on the C: drive, then move the PrinterSetup ZIP file into C:\temp
  5. Select Extract in the Windows Extraction Tool. The files that are extracted will appear in a content window.
  6. Select and run the Setup application file.
  7. The PowerShell script will run, and a pop-up status window will appear with installation status updates. During installation, do not quit the process or shut off your computer.
  8. When the installation is complete, an HTML file will appear with a list of everything the script has completed.
  9. At the end of the installation, you will see a pop-up with Would you like PaperCut to run on startup? Otherwise you'll have to manually start it when you want to print.  We recommend that you have it launch on computer startup.
  10. Search for and launch the PaperCut Client from the Start Menu. You will need to have the PaperCut Client running before you print each time.
  11. The printers are now installed and ready to use.
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