Connecting to Multidrive on a Mac

This article explains how to connect to the multidrive from an off-domain computer running macOS. 

VPN connection required

The following steps require you to first make a connection to the campus VPN. (VPN instructions for Mac). Your Multidrive will only function while connected to the Internet with a working secure VPN connection.  If you disconnect from the Internet or wake your device from sleep, you will likely have to reconnect the VPN first before being able to access the Multidrive.

If you have problems with these instructions or need additional help, please contact IT at or call 906-487-1111.


  1. Install the Multidrive application. (Download link: Multidrive.pkg) You may have to right-click on the downloaded package file and choose Open for it to begin the installation process.
  2. Connect to the VPN if you are off-campus, from an off domain system, or connected to wireless. With a confirmed VPN connection, open the installed multidrive app from the Applications folder.
  3. A window will ask for your MTU ISO. Enter your Michigan Tech account name, e.g., for the email address, you would enter blizzard.
  4. A message will confirm that "You are attempting to connect to the server "" Select Connect to continue.
  5. In the window that follows, you should see the name field populated with your account name, preceded with "MTU\". Enter your Michigan Tech password and select Connect.
  6. Your multidrive will open in a new window.

Folder names

  • mtucifs_home is your H: drive on campus computers.
  • my_web_files is your /~username web home.
  • Any other network shares available to you will also be listed in your multidrive.
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