Connecting to Multidrive on a Mac

A VPN connection is required, if off-campus or off-domain.
Michigan Tech VPN -
  1. Install the Multidrive application. (Download link: Multidrive.pkg) You may have to right-click on the downloaded package file and choose Open for it to begin the installation process.
    Note: Connect to the VPN if you are off-campus, from an off domain system, or connected to wireless.
  2.  Open the installed Multidrive app from the Applications folder. When prompted, enter your Michigan Tech username and password.
    enter your Michigan Tech usernameEnter Password
  3. Your multidrive will open in a new window.
    All multi-drives available to you
    • mtucifs_home is your H: drive on campus computers
    • my_web_files is your /~username web home
    • You may have other network shares also listed in your multidrive
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