Connecting to VPN on a Mac

Two Step Authentication is required. Please visit the Two Step Login page for more information.
Duo -

We recommend using the VPN client as many browsers (such as Chrome, and soon Firefox) no longer allow programs like the VPN or Adobe PDF to run within the browser itself. Installation of the new VPN client will remove the old client if you had it installed. 

Installation Instructions

  1. In a web browser, go to the Michigan Tech VPN page ( and log in with your Michigan Tech Account Name and password. You may need to authenticate with Duo as a part of the login process.
    Michigan Tech VPN log in screen
  2. Select Standalone VPN Client.
    standalone VPN client
  3. Once the files have downloaded, go to their location in Finder and double-click on to extract the folder with the install files. Once extracted, open the BIGIPMacEdgeClient folder to access the install files. A few notes on the files and their options:
    • The mac_edgesvpn.pkg is the installer package.
    • The config_tmp.f5c file is the VPN configuration file.
    • The opt-start file is a file that enables or disables the VPN client from launching on login. Remove this file if you do not want the VPN to automatically start on login.

    select the destination disk
  4. Double-click the installer package and follow the prompts to install the VPN client. (You may have to right-click on the downloaded package file and manually choose Open for it to install.) Click Continue.
    Big IP Installation window
  5. Select your internal disk (usually Macintosh HD) and select Continue.
    choose installation destination and select continue
  6. Select Install to start the process.
    Click install
  7. Log in as an administrator (on University owned machines, your administrator login will be your Michigan Tech credentials with a -adm at the end) and select Install Software.
    Select the close button when install software
  8. When the installation is complete, select Close to exit the installer. The VPN client will be available in the Applications folder.

Usage Instructions

  1. Open Applications > BIG-IP Edge Client. 
    f5 application console
  2. Select Add New Server, enter then Select Verify.
    add server address and Select verify
  3. Select Add and Connect.
    Select add and connect
  4. Log in using your Michigan Tech credentials.
    log in with your ISO credentials
  5. Choose a Duo Authentication method; you may need to scroll to see more of the options as shown below.
    Duo Authentication
  6. Once connected, the Main Window will minimize to your Menu Bar. You are now connected to the VPN and have access to all associated services.
    f5 icon in menu bar

Restoring the F5 console window

  1. Select the red F5 icon in your Menu Bar and choose Main Window.
    show main window option in menu bar
  2. Choose Disconnect if you'd like to close the VPN connection.
    disconnect button in f5 window
NOTE:  A few accounts previously had links shown to manage copiers, report servers, etc. These links are no longer on the VPN console itself. Instead, we can provide you with links to save as bookmarks. If you are in need of these links, please contact IT Help and we will assist with setting up bookmarks.
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