Connecting to VPN in Windows

Two Step Authentication is required. Please visit the Two Step Login page for more information.
Duo -

We recommend using the VPN client as many browsers (such as Chrome, and soon FireFox) are no longer allowing programs like the VPN or Adobe PDF to run within the browser itself. Installation of the new VPN client will remove the old client if you had it installed. 

Installation Instructions

  1. Log in to with your Michigan Tech Account Name credentials using any web browser.
    log in using your ISO credentials
  2. Click Standalone VPN Client.
    click standalone VPN client
  3. Run the installer from the downloaded locationand click Install to begin the installation.
    installer window
  4. After the installer is done running, click Finish.
    installer finished window
  5. Installation is complete and the BIG-IP EDGE Client will now appear in Start Menu > All Programs.

Usage Instructions

  1. Select Start Menu > All Programs > BIG-IP Edge Client.
    BIG-IP Edge Client in Start Menu
  2. When prompted, log in using your Michigan Tech username and password.
    log in using ISO credentials
  3. Please Select Duo dual authentication method. 
    Duo Authentication
  4. Once connected, the Main Console will minimize to your System Tray. You are now connected to the VPN and have access to all the associated services.
    F5 icon displayed
  5. To restore the console select the red F5 icon in your System Tray and choose Main Console.
    console restored
  6. Chose Disconnect if you'd like to close the VPN connection.
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