Using a HuskyCard for door access

Check Your Door Access

During normal business hours, most academic and office building doors are unlocked. Only actively enrolled students or current employees will have an active HuskyCard, so your door access is determined by your role at the university. 

How to view your campus building and spaces access

  1. Visit Card Services.
  2. Log in with your Michigan Tech account name and password.
  3. Select My Current Access in the left-hand menu.

Who to contact to request door access

Authorized department personnel

 If you need access, please contact an authorized department personnel. Only authorized department personnel can request building and room card access on your behalf by emailing An authorized requester is authorized to grant or request access for that particular patron group/building/room. A student cannot be an authorized requester.
  • Departmental coordinator
  • Adviser
  • Supervisor
  • Building or room manager for that space
Certain departments also have designated staff or faculty that can manage and grant their own building and room access requests for locations in that department. If there is not a person designated to grant access for that location, please have an authorized requester submit a request to Michigan Tech IT, unless it is for the Library or Residence Halls.
  • Full name
  • Account name or M#
  • Patron group/building and room
  • Both the start and end date of the access

Special building access requests

There are certain buildings on campus, such as the Library and Residence Halls, that you would need to contact directly for additional access.

Library Access

When the library is closed, active staff, active faculty, and actively-enrolled students can enter the library through the west side entrance by tapping their HuskyCard. This 24/7 access is available 364 days/year with the exception of the Wednesday night of Winter Carnival. For more information, please refer to the Library's Hours of Operation. Please contact J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library for questions or specific access requests.

Residence Hall Access

Students who live in the residence halls will get access to their building. Please contact Residence Education and Housing Services for building and key access.

SDC Access for J-1 Scholars

J-1 scholars will need to purchase an SDC membership to get SDC access. 


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