Adding meals, value, or Quad Core to your HuskyCard

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Paying with a credit card at the MyMichiganTech Payment Portal

  1. Log into MyMichiganTech using your Michigan Tech account name and password.
  2. Select the Payments tab.
  3. Select Manage Express Cash Account, Manage Top Dog Account, or other items that appear.
    Manage Express Cash Account - Manage Top Dog Account
  4. Enter amount to purchase or meals to add and click Make Payment Electronically.
    Enter Amount to purchase (minimum $5.00)
    Select the number of meals to purchase

Quad Core Fitness Memberships

The Quad Core Fitness Membership can be purchased by credit card on the MyMichiganTech Payment Portal. Any questions can be directed to the Housing Office.

  1. Log into MyMichiganTech with your Michigan Tech username and password.
  2. Eligible students will have the "Manage Quad Core Membership" Button in their Payments Portal.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

Pay in-person with cash or check (Express Cash or Top Dog)

  1. Visit the Technical Assistance Center during university business hours.
  2. Provide cash or a check payable to Michigan Tech

What about other meal plans or options?

Find out more about Unlimited Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, Block Meal Plans, Individual Meal Passes, or Guest Meals from Dining Services.

Online Guest Payment Portal

Parents, guests, or Visiting Scholars can add value or meals by using the Online Guest Payment Portal.

Can I charge or pay for Express Cash with an account index?

No. If a department or group would like to add Express Cash to a HuskyCard, please pay via credit card using t the Online Guest Payment Portal or in-person with cash or check. Express Cash cannot be added to department meal cards.

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