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Pinned Article Claiming your Michigan Tech Zoom account license

Claiming your Michigan Tech Zoom account verifies you as a member of the Michigan Tech community, provides you with a Michigan Tech licensed Zoom account, and makes for a more seamless experience when joining meetings.

Pinned Article Launching and using Zoom

Instructions on how to launch and use Zoom.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Setting up Zoom Meetings, scheduling, and recording information

Using the Zoom app

Information on downloading and using the Zoom App

Zoom licensing changes and recording access

Currently active faculty, staff, and students have access to paid features with their Michigan Tech Zoom account.

Zoom live transcription feature

Learn how to enable the live transcript feature for a Zoom meeting.

Zoom meeting security - waiting rooms, passcodes, and authenticated users

Zoom has several features to help you keep uninvited guests from joining and disrupting your meetings.

Zoom training session (previously recorded)

This Zoom training session (previously recorded) covers how to log into your account, schedule a session, use the mobile app, and more.

Web conference support

Information on requesting assistance with setting up a web conference, including training and consultation services.

Managing participant capabilities as a Zoom meeting host

As host, you can manage your participants ability to screen share and to interact with audio in your Zoom meeting.

Integrating Zoom with Google

Zoom has plug-ins/applications available that allow you to schedule meetings from within Google Calendar.

Using Audio Transcription with Zoom Cloud Recordings

Learn how to make your online meeting more accessible to viewers by enabling audio transcriptions for your Zoom cloud recordings.