Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Currently active faculty, staff, and students have access to paid features with their Michigan Tech Zoom account. Upon leaving the university, your account will switch to a basic plan
  1. Go to the Michigan Tech Zoom page. and sign in with your Michigan Tech ID and password (do not include (Note: If you do not have a Zoom account already created for you can email to have one created for you.)
    Zoom login page
  2. Select Meetings on the left-hand navigation menu.
    Left Navigation
  3. From this screen, you can schedule a meeting for a future date/time. It will also reserve a “Personal Meeting Room” for you to send to the participants that you would like to join the Zoom session (up to 300 participants).
    Main scheduling page for Zoom
  4. Select Schedule a New Meeting and the following window will open:
    Description of meeting
  5. You can enter a title, date, and length on the first screen for a meeting that only occurs once.  The duration on this screen is not a limitation on meeting time; the 1 hr refers to the window in which the meeting will be accessible to begin. In other words, the meeting will not be available to start after 9:00 AM and will disappear from the main Zoom menu. 

    If you would like to reserve a meeting that reoccurs and/or has a flexible starting time, you can select the check box next to Recurring Meeting and the meeting will remain active until you delete it from your scheduled meetings.
    Additional meeting options

    VIDEO: The default is that both participants and the hosts of the meeting will have to turn on their web cameras. This can be changed if desired.

    AUDIO: The audio buttons will allow you to choose if participants can join by calling in from their telephone/conference phone or by using a connected microphone on a computer (or both). 

    OTHER OPTIONS: The other options will allow you to personalize the meeting. This might include setting a password that you would need to join a session, being able to mute participants upon joining sessions, or if the meeting will be recorded. You can also set alternative hosts for meetings here as well. Anyone who has a Zoom account can be an alternative host to start the meeting. Enter their full email address to add people as alternative hosts.

To Start a Meeting Now

At any time, you can start a meeting from the Host a Meeting drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen. You will be given the option to start a meeting with or without video (web camera). Any scheduled meetings will show up in the My Meetings tab on the left side of the screen and you can start at any time by selecting the Start button.

From there you will be able to launch Zoom.

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