Integrating Zoom with Google Calendar

Zoom has plug-ins available for Google Calendar to be used in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to easily schedule any meeting to be a Zoom meeting. These extensions do not require administrator access or IT to install them for you, you can add them to your browser at any time.

Add Zoom Scheduler to your Browser

  1. Visit the extensions or add-ons site for your particular browser
  2. Add the extension or add-on, per your browser's instructions.
  3. Log in to Zoom.
  4. Refresh your Google Calendar page.

Make your Google Calendar Event a Zoom Meeting

You will be able to make any meeting you schedule a Zoom Meeting simply by clicking the blue button labeled Make it a Zoom meeting, when creating or editing a Google Calendar event.
Make it a Zoom Meeting

If you receive an error saying that it is unable to authenticate to your account, sign out of your Zoom account then sign back in and refresh your Google Calendar page. If you have any issues, please email Michigan Tech IT or call (906) 487-1111.

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