Claiming your Michigan Tech Zoom account license

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By signing in at the Michigan Tech Zoom portal, you’ll have access to the Michigan Tech Zoom license that gives you features beyond the free basic account.

If you are an active student, staff, or faculty and are getting limited to 40-minute Zoom sessions or you cannot be added as an alternate host, you are likely using a basic account and have not yet claimed your Michigan Tech license.

  1. At the Michigan Tech Zoom page, select the Sign-in button to configure your account.
    Michigan Tech zoom home page with options for Join, Host, or Sign in
  2. At the Michigan Tech Single Sign-On (SSO) page, enter your Michigan Tech account name and password.

Alternate host

Once you do claim your account, it enables the ability for another person to add you as an alternate host on their meeting, if they choose to do so. Without claiming your account, the person will get an error:

One or more people you want to add as alternative hosts are not licensed
users or are not members of this account. Remove the following users to


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