Information for using AppsAnywhere

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Pinned Article AppsAnywhere Tutorial Video

This short video introduces AppsAnywhere, a Web-based app store that allows you to download and run Michigan Tech software with a single click on any Windows 10 lab computer.

App Dependencies in AppsAnywhere

When using AppsAnyhwere, applications may be dependent on other applications. This article will help you launch all appropriate dependent applications.

AppsAnywhere Application Information

An explanation of the More Information section for each AppsAnywhere Application

AppsAnywhere Login Issues

Helpful information about logging into AppsAnywhere.

AppsAnywhere Preferences

AppsAnywhere provide multiple ways to view the applications available in the catalog.

Available AppsAnywhere Locations

Find the locations of an available AppsAnywhere computer lab or wireless lounge.

Cloudpaging Player

This article provides helpful information when opening applications in the cloudpaging player.

Creating Favorites in AppsAnywhere

You can save applications as favorites for quick and easy access.

Getting to AppsAnywhere

There are three options to locate AppsAnywhere.

How to Launch AppsAnywhere Applications

How to launch applications in AppsAnywhere labs across campus.