Starting and launching AppsAnywhere

Starting AppsAnywhere

Windows open lab computers

AppsAnywhere is already installed on the Windows open lab computers.

When you log into a Windows lab computer on campus, Google Chrome will automatically launch and load the Michigan Tech AppsAnywhere home page. If Chrome does not automatically open or if the Chrome window is closed, you can reopen the AppsAnywhere application catalog by using one of the following options:

  • Shortcuts links to the AppsAnywhere application catalog are located in the Windows Start Menu and on the Desktop.
  • The Chrome home button is also set to direct back by default to the AppsAnywhere home page.

MTU-owned or personal Windows devices

You'll need to install the AppsAnywhere client using the instructions at Using AppsAnywhere. Once you have it installed, visit from your browser.

Launching applications

To launch an application from the AppsAnywhere catalog, hover your cursor over the desired application and select Launch.

AppsAnywhere Application Catalog showing applications in grid display

This can also be done from an application's More Information section. Upon launch, the application will load in the Cloudpaging Player (unless it is locally installed).

After the application has finished loading, it will automatically start or open a File Explorer window to the Start Menu shortcuts if there are multiple programs included in the application. Software loaded into the Cloudpaging Player can be launched again via the Cloudpaging Player, the Windows Start Menu, or the AppsAnywhere Application Catalog. Please refer to our article on the Cloudpaging player for more information.

Application viewing preferences

The AppsAnywhere preferences menu allows the layout of the Application Catalog to be changed and tips to be enabled or disabled. This menu can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the User Profile Menu in the top right-hand corner of the Application Catalog and choosing Preferences.

Preferences option available from the user profile menu

In the Preferences window, you can choose the application layout (Simple Grid View, Large Grid View, or List View). 

To enable or disable tips from displaying in the Application Catalog, click on the Show Tips checkbox.

Preference layout options available

Need Help?

If you have questions about AppsAnywhere, we can help. Contact IT at or call 906-487-1111.

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