AppsAnywhere Login Issues

AppsAnywhere is only available on Windows labs computers. It is not available for personal, department, or graduate computers at this time.

After logging in to an AppsAnywhere system on campus, Chrome will automatically launch and login to

If a Single Sign On (SSO) webpage comes up, was likely typed into the address bar. From here, logging in will go to AppsAnywhere or the AppsAnywhere shortcuts on the desktop or in start menu will launch directly to the Application Catalog.

Michigan Tech Single Sign on page

If a login page is shown, most likely AppsAnywhere has been logged out of. From here, clicking the Windows Pass-Through (NTLM) option will log back into AppsAnywhere using the windows account that is currently logged in. Alternatively the desktop or start menu shortcuts will also direct back to the Application Catalog. AppsAnywhere re-log in page

If the below login prompt appears it is likely due to an internet setting that hasn’t been applied.

Alternative login for appsanywhere

To change the setting, open internet options.

Internet Options

From Internet Properties dialog box, select the Security tab, Local intranet, and click on the Sites button.

Local Intranet

From the Local Intranet dialog box, click on the Advanced button.

Local Intranet Advanced tab

From here “” can be added to the zone, as shown below.


The website should then be present in the list of websites.

Current list of websites

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