App Dependencies in AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere is only available on Windows labs computers. It is not available for personal, department, or graduate computers at this time.

Some applications depend on files from other applications. Launching an app that has dependencies will bring you to its App Dependencies page.

Dependency notice

From here you can launch any application your app depends on or select I have it if it’s already loaded into the Cloudpaging Player. Once the dependent application has been launched or I have it has been selected, a green overlay with a white check mark will appear over the dependant app and the Launch app button will become green, allowing you to launch the application.

Note: Dependencies for an app do not need to be running for the app to function, where a dependency refers to an application that has files a different application needs to work properly. They only need to be loaded into the Cloudpaging Player. In the example above, R-studio will not launch until R is launched and loaded into the player.

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